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Dog Care Products

These products listed are ones I have used or at least know to be quality products. I’ll continue updating this list as needed. Please reach out with my Contact Me form if you need any recommendations. I only recommend products I trust. Some of these will be affiliate links I can receive a small commission from.


Dog Training– First and foremost, all dogs need training, even if you do it yourself at home. The very basics of sit, lie down, come, and stay should be the basis of your training commands. I have a whole page about this so that is what I’ve linked here. Or you can go directly to Dunbar Academy, who I recommend for online dog training courses.


Martingale Collar– This type of collar is great for training because you can give and release pressure with the leash in a more gentle way than traditional chain training collars. In my opinion, and in many dog trainer’s opinions, it is the best type of collar for walking dogs as well. This specific one linked is the exact one that I have for my dog and it is sturdy, pretty, and works exactly as it should. I don’t leave this one on my dog all the time, only when I need to leash her.

Buckle Dog Collar– This is the usual type collar most people get for their dogs, I have this one as well. This one in particular can be embroidered with your phone number just in case your dog escapes the house or yard, or slips away from you. Of course you should always have tags on your dog as well, at least the rabies and license tags. This collar is sturdy and again, pretty, plus customizable.


Rope Leash– I personally prefer these rounded rope leashes with padded handles for walking and training. You want to have a fairly short leash so there isn’t a lot of slack when you’re training, but enough that you can walk your dog without the leash pulling when you aren’t wanting it to. These leashes are sturdy and comfortable to use and while your dog is learning how to properly walk, you’ll really be thankful for the padded handle! Also they are just super easy to hold on to so your dog doesn’t slip away.

Long Line– So this type of leash is for training mainly, though if you take your dog places they can’t fully free roam but you want them to be able to run around, they can be handy too. You can teach your dog good recall by training with one of these. These aren’t for walking on sidewalks near the road or anything like that where your dog could get too far away and get hurt. You do need to learn how to teach a good recall before trying to use the long line. It’s, of course, safest in your own backyard or somewhere fenced, since you are still training your dog to come back when called.


The links to these foods take you to the Chewy website where you can sign up for Autoship and save money plus have it shipped to you on a regular basis as often as you need. I use it for our pets and highly recommend it!

Diamond Naturals– This food is a quality food, that isn’t outrageously priced.I feed Diamond Naturals dog food and have been very happy with it. I have more detailed information in my article Choosing a Pet Food if you’d like to read more about that.

SmartBones– These are nice chew treats that are even healthy for dogs. My dog loves them and they contain some ingredients that can help calm your dog. They can get them fairly quickly, but it gives a moment of calm and makes them happy. Far safer than rawhides!

Training Treats– Blue Buffalo is a great brand and our dogs love these treats and they can be broken in even smaller bits if you are doing a lot of training. You always want to use very small treats for training because you’ll usually go through a lot and you don’t want to fill them up or give all their calories in a day from their treats. Of course, if they love their dry kibble, that is the most ideal “treat” to use during training.


Stuffable Dog Toy– This toy is really mainly for stuffing and helping to keep your dog calm, stimulating the brain, and making your dog work for her food. I have even put some peanut butter mixed with her dry food or added some wet food and then froze it for her. You can use anything dog safe like plain yogurt with blueberries or even buy cans of filling spray made by Kong who has their own brand of fillable toy. Kong brand just tends to be more expensive so I bought the “off brand” toy. You’ll see a product like this mentioned a lot in the dog training course I’ve recommended above.

Treat Ball– My dog also loves this. You can fill it with your dog’s food if they enjoy it, or with very small dry treats (dry so they don’t get stuck). It gives them mental stimulation and makes them work for their food. You can adjust the size of the hole in the divider piece depending on the size of treat you have. If it takes your dog too long to figure it out and they get frustrated, you can remove the divider so the treats fall right out. Once they get that, add the divider so it makes it more complicated.

Stuffed Lamb Toy– For whatever reason, I know so many dogs who love this Lambchop toy, Lambchop like the character, or as we like to call her, Lamby! My dog thankfully doesn’t rip stuffed toys up too much, but if yours does, be sure to monitor them when playing with it. Even my dog has ripped up a few. This toy does have a squeaker or two depending on the size of the toy (there’s a few sizes). This 10″ one that’s linked, my pup loves best. This is really the only stuffed toy she plays with.


Playpen– Some dogs are better off having a playpen when you can’t watch them or need to leave for awhile. You can place a bed, a water bowl, and something to potty on in the playpen. Some dogs you may need to tie the gate if they can easily figure out gates. I actually used this when I had my dog grooming salon and have since used it for a puppy. This is for level ground like in a house, not to pen dogs up outside. You can actually add more panels or just put 4 together so it’s pretty flexible for different needs.

Kennel– Most dogs should start out in your home, staying in a kennel when you can’t watch them or need to leave. This is especially ideal for potty training puppies. For some dogs, a playpen is not an option either because they can jump out, knock it around, or find a way to escape. Kennel training is very important in case you ever need to kennel your dog for their safety, for emergency situations, or whatever other reason. With training, most dogs take to the kennel easily. The one linked is generally called a “pet taxi” because it’s more portable, being lightweight, and can easily be used in a car. Some dogs will need a metal crate however, if they chew or extremely strong.


Dog Potty Pad– This is a pretty cool tool for housebreaking your dog/puppy. We used this for housebreaking a puppy so he had somewhere to go between potty breaks that we could give him outside. This has fake grass in a tray and they seem to pick up pretty quick on what to do with. Also a great alternative to disposable potty pads, you can wash this one (easiest in a tub with sprayer, or outside with a hose). If you live in an apartment or something like that, it would be great to avoid taking your dog down several floors to go outside or even for dogs who won’t go out in bad weather. They also have a spray you can use to get your dog initially started using it.

Disposable Pee Pads– Some people just want to be able to throw away the mess or maybe you want to cover a large area like the playpen floor, so here’s a link to those. If your dog chews up things like this, you may have to try a different type of pee pad like this fabric pee pad that can cover the floor and you can wash it!

Doggie Doorbell We just recently got our dogs a doggie doorbell since our newly adopted pup wasn’t indicating he needed to go outside. In just one day of training, the dogs figured it out and have been using it, just touching their nose on the touchpad and it chimes at the receivers we have near the rooms we sit in and they get to go outside! It has been an amazing product! You need to teach your dog the “touch” command and then it’s pretty easy to go from there. Have them touch the pad, then open the door while saying whatever word you use for going outside (ours is just “outside?”). Not all dogs will pick up on it super fast, but I feel most will.

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