A Dog’s Daydream is an in-home dog grooming service run by just me, Jerica, located in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. I have over 12 years of grooming experience. I groom in my home where it’s quiet and relaxed. I generally only schedule one to two dogs a day, who are only 25 lbs and under due to my physical limitations. Your dog gets one-on-one care in a stress-free environment. Most appointments take no longer than an hour and I contact you as soon as your pup is ready! I never schedule more than one dog at a time and never rush a grooming appointment.

This website contains illustrations and graphics I created myself including my logo, cartoon dogs, the bubble background, and images I took of dogs I have groomed. I also have designs I’ve done that are the products in my shop! Additionally, I have links to posts I’ve made that are written about various dog-related topics such as training, products I recommend, and even how to choose a dog breed, look above at the Pet Information Links Menu. I enjoy sharing some of my work and hope you enjoy it too! The digital art of the pup greeting you on the home page is something I created from a picture of my old dog, Willow, who is the reason I got into grooming. She was a very special girl and has been gone for about 12 years now.

Here are the pups we have now!